Distance Learning

For those interested in attending ChIME, but live too far away to attend weekly classes, we are hoping to launch our new Blended Learning option for the fall of 2020.

What is Blended Learning?

This model “blends” elements of online learning with elements of in-person learning.  At ChIME, this will be implemented by having students participate in their weekly classes via an online, live video conferencing program.   The classes will be the same as the traditional, in-person program.  Additionally, the blended learning students will come to Portland for monthly, weekend workshops, participating alongside the other traditional students.  

Why Distance Learning at all?

We have found there are an increasing number of students who are interested in ChIME, but live too far away to drive to Portland weekly.  Distance Learning allows ChIME to be available to prospective students who otherwise would not be able to participate.

Why is ChIME implementing this specific model of distance learning?

One of the gifts and strengths of ChIME is the face-to-face learning and group work that students experience.  It is a unique feature of our school.  ChIME staff and faculty feel strongly that our students greatly benefit from this in-person and group learning, as part of learning the skills to become chaplains and interfaith ministers.  A typical online program does not offer this crucial piece of our programming.

Who is eligible to participate?

We do not have specific criteria for participation.  However, our intention is that this program be available for any student who must travel a minimum of 1 ½ hours to Portland.  There are some specific circumstances that we would consider if a student lives less than 1 ½ hours away and yet is unable to attend our traditional, in-person program.

I am not good with computers.  Can I still participate?

Yes.  The platform that we use is called Zoom.  It is very easy and you do not need your own account.  All you will need to do is follow a link that we send to your e-mail each week.  The first time you use it, you will need to make sure your camera and microphone are working.  We can easily help with this if needed.

What is the cost?

The cost is the same as our traditional program:  $5000 per year, which includes ordination/graduation costs.

How do I apply for the blended learning program?

Just fill out our regular application and indicate you’re interested in the distance/blended learning option.