What Does Being Ordained Mean to You? by Laurel Ladd

As I thought deeply about this question in late December and January, at first I did not feel worthy or ready. I felt I had a lot more to learn about all the religions and more practice to do as a Chaplain. Then with Cathy Grigsby’s clarity, I realized that for me ordination is two-fold.

The first part is that I am ordaining myself to a life of spirit. It’s a path of dedication to a spirit-filled life. ChIME is blessing my decision.

The second part is the Chaplaining piece.  I felt it was important to my development as a non-traditional Chaplain to continue my work at the Center for Grieving Children. I am learning skills there working with immigrant girls (through their Intercultural Program), as well as getting support from colleagues before and after program sessions. Through Cathy’s guidance, I realized that when I am “out in the world,” I am open to the moment and become present to whomever I meet. Often times it feels like a gift of freedom to validate another person, or to experience deep connection. ChIME is blessing my ability to do this kind of work.

ChIME is ordaining me with my decision to have a spirit filled life, part of which is spent in contemplation and another part that is spent Chaplaining as it comes across my path, as well as at the Center for Grieving Children and assisting in English classes at Portland Adult Education. That being said, I still feel like a novice and may that novelty stay with me forever.