Are you looking at life from the wrong side of the tapestry?

The late, great Huston Smith, author of one of ChIME's core texts, The World's Religions, has an idea.  The task of religion, he says, is to take people by the hand, and lead us from looking at the back side of the tapestry of life, to looking at the front!

We'd like to know what you think of Huston's analogy. Does it work for you? What other imagery or analogy helps you answer the question Huston is addressing here: What is the point of religion?  Please view the short video and feel free to comment afterward.  We're looking forward to your reaction.


Author and authority on the world's religions, Huston Smith, recently died on December 30, 2016. ChIME Faculty and Instructor Dana Sawyer wrote Huston Smith's biography, Wisdomkeeper, 2014.