Many thanks to our donors who help keep our tuition affordable and our students and graduates serving the greater community.  Every gift is important to us and we strive to keep accurate records.  We apologize if we inadvertently omitted or misspelled any name.  Please let us know so we may correct our error!


Individuals, Foundations & Businesses

Rev. Nancy Adair '12
Kathryn Ainsworth
Rev. Kate Albert Dawn '14
Rachael Alfond
Einar & Betsey Andersen
Rev. Catherine Anglea '15
Elizabeth Armstrong in honor of Rev. Leslie Hyde
Peter & Rev. Angie Arndt '07
Robb Arndt
Virginia Arndt
Rev. Joanne Arnold '13
Georgia Bancroft
Chris and Kathy Beach
Rev. Jean Berman '13
Nancy Bower
Rev. Jody O'Farrell Breton '11
Gregory Byrer
Rev. Pat Cannon '07
Linda Card
Rev. Arlene Carroll '12
Rev. Cindy Castleman '06
Marcia G. Chaffee
Mary C. Chaney
Nancy Chatfield & John Higgins
Rev. Gail Cinelli '14
ChIME Class of 2014
ChIME Class of 2015
ChIME Class of 2017
Dr. David Clark & Susan Mann Clark '14 in honor of ChIME staff
Janice Cohen
Rev. Diana Coit '13
Yaeko Collier
Walter & Rev. Lynne Cole '12
Frances Ambika Collins
Nancy Connery in honor of Joan Uraneck (aka Rev. Guan Dojo)
Rev. James Coomey '11
Cherie Corbett in honor of Rev. Craig Werth
Rev. Deborah Cotter '07
Joanne Croft
Rev. Cali Crowley '15

Lianna Doane & Nicholas Dellatorre in honor of Rev. Patricia Ellen
Rev. Guan Dojo '11
Susan Doughty
Kathleen MK Duggan
Albert Haggerty & Rev. Patricia Dyer-Haggerty '14
Rev. Gillian E. Ehrich '07
Rev. Patricia Ellen
Rev. Stephen Farrell '08
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Rev. Ben Fowler
Karen Franciose '10
Rev Jon Gale Sr.
Rev. Dr. Mary Gelfand '13
Rev. Linde Sophia Gifford '15
Rev. Todd Glacy '14
Rev. Barbara Goddard '12 in memory of Melody Rosen
Rev. Susan Goodspeed '08
Rev. Larry Greer '04
Rev. Cathy Grigsby
Rev. Joel Grossman
Rev. Janet Lynn Gurley '09
Sarah D. Haskell in celebration of Mary Louise Haskell
Rev. Claire Hebert '13
Nina Timpson Hilbert
Rev. Barbara Hill
The Hospice Fund at Maine Community Foundation
Lois & Albert Howlett
Rev. Dr. Ann-Marie Houghton '14
Rev. Susan Howe '14
Rev Jan Hryniewicz
Betsy Evans Hunt
Jeffrey P. Huot
Rev. Leslie Hyde '15
Abby Ingraham
The Island Foundation
Rev. Darcy Johnson '11
James Jones

Rev. Dr. Fred Jordan '15
Jay & Rev. Paula Jorgenson '10
Yvonne & Brian Jumper
Rev. Lorraine Kardash '06
Nancy Kellar
Lucy & William LaCasse
Wayne B. & Elizabeth S. Lawrence
Edward & Rev. Solange Leborgne '12
David O. Leiwant
Rev. Wendy Linares '14 in memory of my dad William Dupee
Caroline Loupe
Constance Lundquist
Rev. Waite Maclin
Maine Community Foundation
Corinne Martin
Rev. Nancy McNeely '06
Mike Miles and Grace Cleaves
Rev. Katie Moody '08
Rev. Meg Mulligan '09
Rev. Helen Murgida '08
Rev. Colleen Myers '13
Ashok Nalamalapu
Narragansett Number One Foundation
Rev. Polly Nodden '14
Therese Parent
Rev. Ruby Parker '08
Alex & Joan Paterson in honor of Rev. Angie Arndt
Rev Catharine Payson & Celine Mainville
Diana Pease
Rev. Priscilla Platt '05
Stan Pressner
Rev. Tamara Pride '14

Elizabeth Quinlan
Rev. Helen Rankin '07
Rev Lillian Reilly '09
Scott and Rev Anne Richards '12
Jonathan Rigg
Rev. Shari Rose '10
Rev. Helen Rousseau '15
Joanne Rowley in honor of Helen Rankin '07
Adria Moynihan Rusk
Rev. Arline Saturdayborn '14
Rev. Thea Shapiro '12
Linda Shary and Rev Jeffery Logan '15
Rev. Mary Jo Shea-McCormick '08
Rev. Sarah Shepley '11
Rev. Judy Spross '12
Rev. Bonny Stevens '12
Rev. Jessica Steward '16
Rev Anna Smulowitz '05
The Estate of Rev. Alexis Teitz
Rev. Eva Thompson '10
Barbara Trentacosta
The Triton Foundation
Nora & Richard Tryon
Teresa Valliere
Denise Van Vooren
Rev. Henry Warren '04
Rev. Jacob and Kristine Watson
Lea Watson
Karen Wentworth
Rev. Nancy Stowell White '15
Martha Williams
Revs Peggy & Oggie Williams '14
Peter & Rev. Lori Whittemore '14
Cackie & Harrison Wilson
Natasha Sandraya Wilson
Kent Wommack & Gro Flatebo
Prof. Enrique Yepes
Rev. Andrea Zucker '12

Gifts In-Kind

Rev. Angie Arndt
Body, Mind & Sport
Rebecca Caterson
Susan Mann Clark
ChIME Class of 2016
Rev. James Coomey
Rev. Guan Dojo

Kathleen MK Duggan, Into the Light Healing
Rev. Patricia Ellen
Rev. Mark Gallup
Rev. Lindy Sophia Gifford
Rev. Todd Glacy
Hannaford Foods
Rev. Leslie Hyde
Kripalu Center
Meg Lepage, Esq @ Pierce Atwood

Rev. Colleen Myers
Nevola Symposium
Diana Pease
Pema Chodron Fndn Bookstore
Portland Builders, Inc.
Jonathan Rigg
Rosemont Market
Rev. Liza Russell

Dana Sawyer
Skillins Greenhouses
Rev. Eva Thompson
Rev. Jacob Watson
Rev. Nancy Stowell White
Rev. Lori Whittemore
Xpress Copy
Rev. Victoria Zavasnik

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