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  • University of Southern Maine, Talbot Hall Portland, Maine (map)

Please join us for this timely exploration of how spirituality can be woven into our day-to-day work experiences.

Keynote Speaker Kevin Hancock will present in the morning and six different business and spiritual leaders will present in the afternoon on various topics about bringing more balance and heart to our work.  

Afternoon breakout sessions include (see descriptions of these topics below):

Mike Miles, former Director of Human Resources for Portland
Kate Cheney Chappell, artist/former co-owner Tom’s of Maine
Andrea Ferrante, Sufi entrepreneur
Laurence Miller, Interfaith Chaplain and Dancer
Jennifer Hatch from ReVision Energy, a B-Corporation "Benefit Corporation"
Leigh Tillman, from Leigh Tillman Facilitation


MORNING KEYNOTE from 9:30 am - noon

Business and Spirituality with Kevin Hancock

Kevin will explore the topic of Business and Spirituality (defined ‘broadly’) in a morning session followed by Q&A, facilitated by Rev. Colleen Myers.  What opportunities can exist to integrate spirituality into the workplace of the future?  Can this be a new goal for a progressive organization to improve the lives of the people who work there as well as add true societal value? Concepts discussed include: what it means to have a “safe place at work” where everyone feels safe being themselves and saying what they think; the role of the individual within a healthy community or organization; restoring balance in the work place where work is important but not all consuming and part of a balanced life; “holding power but not using it” where decisions involve all voices and leadership includes restraint. Kevin will also share his personal journey of how literally losing his voice to a rare disease forced him to find a new way of communicating and leading his employees.

AFTERNOON ‘BREAKOUTS’ from 1:30 - 4:30 pm (choose one each of two sessions when you register)

Using Art & Poetry to Engage Your Entrepreneurial Spirit with Kate Cheney Chappell

What are the values you hold dear? Are they reflected in the work you do? Do you dream of starting your own enterprise (for profit or nonprofit) that clearly reflects these values?  Through experiential exercises, visual artist and award-winning entrepreneur Kate Cheney Chappell will help you clarify your values and discover ways to incorporate them into your workplace, whether you have your own company or work for a larger group. Chappell created “connecting exercises” at Tom’s of Maine (the company she co-founded with her husband Tom) that began each meeting with a poem and personal reflection. Using poetry, art, journaling, and active listening you will gain a greater insight into your deep values and how they can imbue your worklife.

B-Corps: Aligning your Business with your Values - Jennifer Hatch from ReVision Energy

The “B” stands for “Benefit” Corporation and denotes that a business has committed itself to a defined set of non-traditional business practices that benefit employees, customers and the broader community by creating a positive impact on society and the environment. Unlike traditional corporations, Certified B Corporations are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions not only on their shareholders, but also on their stakeholders (e.g., workers, suppliers, community, consumers, and the environment).  Jen Hatch from ReVision Energy will take you through what it means to be a B-Corp, a mission driven company that makes a substantial effort to embody values in every interactions with customers, with suppliers, with the community and of course also with each other.

Spirituality and Human Resources with Mike Miles

What does it mean to welcome spirituality into the workplace?  How does that happen, and what are the implications? In this workshop, we will explore spirit in the workplace and how it may be addressed within Human Resources.

The Spirit of Your Gifts with Rev. Laurence Miller

How do you make what you love work? How do you develop a business, non-profit or chaplaincy that is informed by Spirit and your particular gifts?  Join Laurence as he shares his particular journey and personal gifts to assist you in the business of your spiritual journey.

The Heart of Manifesting in Business with Andrea Ferrante

Often financial well being and spirituality are polarized in our culture. That can influence our thinking and leave us wondering how to stay in alignment with our spiritual values and still be prosperous. Understanding the art of manifesting is helpful in the journey toward actualizing our work and opening the door to receiving what we long for in our lives at the same time. This break out session will explore the art of manifesting as a birthright to help you create your version of wealth while aligning with what matters most to you.

Telling Your Story with Leigh Tillman

Stories conjure our humanness, foster connection, and compel us.  At the very essence of all our work there are stories.  From messaging to requesting support, to motivating ourselves as a team, we are telling stories everyday.  Explore how to tell your individual or collective story effectively and meaningfully.