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Community Chaplains Needed Now: An Open House for Prospective Students

An Open House with Rev Helen Rousseau: The Healing Power of Writing

Monday from 5:30 PM - 7 PM
at ChIME, 302 Stevens Avenue, Portland, Maine 04103

An Open House for prospective students and the curious.  Join author Rev Helen Rousseau (ChIME Class of 2015) in exploring writing and chaplaining.  A member of ChIME's Faculty will also be there to answer your questions.  RSVP suggested but not required at or 207-347-6740.

This workshop will focus on the transformative power of writing
to heal from life's wounds and move on to healthy and mindful living. It is
different from journal writing which records daily events, or is used as a
way to find clarity.  The participants respond to prompts which often
connect with deep places in the memory or the heart from which they often
write feelings or stories they didn't know they had in them.  It can be a
voyage of discovery as well as affirmation.